By Mike Scotland

Calypso 01

The remote Calypso Reefs are off the South Eastern tip of New Guinea in Milne Bay. Few divers witness Calypso’s magical mystery tour, but those lucky few who get to experience it treasure it as one of the best dive spots on our planet.

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Text and photos by Mike Scotland

MantaAlley 01

At South Komodo, the cooler waters of the Indian Ocean meet the North Pacific Ocean at Indonesia. Gaps in the Indonesian archipelago exchange seawater, and the upwelling of nutrients from the deeper Indian Ocean creates rich plankton blooms. Blue whales use this path on their annual migrations. Other magnificent creatures come here to benefit from the bounty created where oceans merge. We travelled here on the Seven Seas liveaboard to see the resident manta rays. The magnificent reef manta, Manta alfredi, can grow to a maximum size of 4.5 metres. The far larger Manta birostrus or oceanic manta grows well over seven metres; they are found at Raja Ampat.

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By Matthew Smith

Solomons 01

Moments after a giant manta ray had blocked out the sun, I was amid a tornado swirl of thousands of chevron barracuda. Simultaneously, the deep, bassy grumble of a nearby erupting underwater volcano reverberated through my ears and chest. The water was deep, clear and warm and I moved my camera aside to absorb it all. With a smile so wide I almost lost my regulator I thought ‘this is what diving is all about.

This was one of my first dives in The Solomons at Barra Point, Mary Island, just one of many fantastic sites I visited during my trip there on the MV Bilikiki last year. And this year was even better! Now I want to share it with you. Join me on the MV Bilikiki for 10 days of diving sharks, wrecks, and reefs June 23-July 3, 2018.

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Text and photos by Tanya Houppermans

When most people think of World War II, images of the great battles of Europe and the Pacific usually come to mind. What many don’t realize is just how close the fighting came to the shores of the United States.

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