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By Leticia Sanchis

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On the morning of February 20, Fiji encountered the most powerful cyclone in the Pacific nation's recorded history. Thanks to the bravery of the captain and crew on board and the following hard work of the Fiji Siren crew and the Siren family ground support, the Fiji Siren is now back in action. Cruises diving the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” started again on the 14th of April. Since the cyclone, all the dive shops around Fiji have been checking the reefs in their area and everybody is happy to discover that most of the reefs haven’t been damaged or, if they have been are only suffering minor damage. The feedback from the first trip was great too! Mantas on almost every dive, plenty of sharks, beautiful corals with lots of macro life and schools of fish!

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• Midway: This area is almost unharmed and the underwater life swims around the sea fans and hard corals as if nothing has happened: nudibranchs, lizard fish, starfish, spotted eagle rays and countless schooling pelagics such as blue fin trevally, jacks, and barracuda are all still in attendance. 

• Vatu I Ra Passage: This area has no damage and you wouldn’t know a massive storm had recently passed by. The soft corals are out en mass, as is the fish life with black tip, white tip and grey reef sharks, huge schools of giant trevally, jacks, unicorn fish and groupers all cruising around. 

• Vatu Lacu: Healthy reefs and prolific fish life are everywhere! Lots of sharks, plenty of nudibranchs, cheeky blennies, everyone's favorite Nemo and of course our trademark anthias in schools way too big to count. 

•  Tavenui:  Most of the area is just as before! The hard corals, soft corals, giant trevally, whitetip reef sharks, pipefish, nudibranchs, garden eels, schooling fusiliers, unicornfish, and schools of fish are in full bloom in all colors of the rainbow!

• Beqa Lagoon: The entire Coral Coast between Nadi and Suva including Pacific Harbor were relatively unaffected by the cyclone. There was only minimal damage and the bull sharks are already missing you!

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The Fiji Siren offers affordable luxury liveaboards in Fiji all year round with a choice of 7or 10 night itineraries, with four guided dives per day in small groups. All this surrounded by their professional, experienced and friendly crew. The vessel features air conditioned cabins with en-suite facilities and plenty of space for you to relax and enjoy your time onboard, as well as a dedicated camera set-up and charging station with plenty of additional storage for all your extra lenses, strobes and batteries. It is thoughtful touches such as these that make Siren Fleet the best choice for both professional and amateur photographers. The Fiji Siren offers free essential scuba equipment rental and free Nitrox. If you would you like to support this country of happy and welcoming people, then choose Fiji on board the Fiji Siren. 10% of the value of all Fiji bookings made in April and May 2016 will go to help the people in Fiji through their campaign with Sea Save to rebuild homes and lives. Sea Save will redistribute the money directly to the people in need.  Contact us today! 

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