By Leticia Sanchis

FijiSiren 01

On the morning of February 20, Fiji encountered the most powerful cyclone in the Pacific nation's recorded history. Thanks to the bravery of the captain and crew on board and the following hard work of the Fiji Siren crew and the Siren family ground support, the Fiji Siren is now back in action. Cruises diving the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” started again on the 14th of April. Since the cyclone, all the dive shops around Fiji have been checking the reefs in their area and everybody is happy to discover that most of the reefs haven’t been damaged or, if they have been are only suffering minor damage. The feedback from the first trip was great too! Mantas on almost every dive, plenty of sharks, beautiful corals with lots of macro life and schools of fish!

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By Leticia SanchisFrenchPolynesia 01

French Polynesia, surrounded by white sand beaches and situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, hides under its pristine waters one of the most amazing diving experiences that will captivate even the most blasé of divers! Hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, mantas, dolphins, huge schools of fish and, for the very lucky ones, humpback whales!

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By Alex Rose

ARose Cuba02

Since the early 1960s, Cuba has been almost entirely off limits as a travel destination for Americans. The end of 2014 saw a major shift in policy including a reestablishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean. As an environmental journalist, this is an exciting development that prompted me to visit this island nation in January of 2015. Due to the absence of US-Cuban commerce for the last five decades, arriving in Havana is akin to hopping into a time machine that brings you back to the 1950s where taxicabs are Chevy Delrays and Buick Centuries, and the aromatic scent of thick cigar smoke lingers around every corner. The estimated 60,000 vintage cars that crowd the streets of this time capsule city are a treat for the traveler, and the envy of any serious car enthusiast.

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By Leticia Sanchis

PalauSiren 01

After a full 4-month refit in Cebu under the watchful eye of the Worldwide Dive and Sail team, the Palau Siren will be back in action in February 2016!

If you would like to be hooked in at Blue Corner, drifting in Ulong Channel or experiencing some fantastic manta dives in German Channel, please contact the Siren Fleet reservations team.

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By Brian Siegel

BSiegel 01

As a scuba diver, I’m always making lists of places to go and things I wish I could see.  The ever-growing diver’s bucket list…

A few of the animals on my bucket list are whale sharks, hammerheads, manta rays, and those adorable sea lion pups. The sea lions in particular have been on my mind for a while.  I saw an amazing video of them playing with divers off the coast of California, but always thought it would be a challenge to get to those dive sites. That was until I discovered that there are sea lion colonies near Cabo San Lucas in La Paz, Mexico!

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