Review by Brett Lobwein

One of the most important attributes to enjoyable diving is comfort. We all know when we’re breathing comfortably, we’re diving comfortably. So, I spent this winter trialing the available regulators in the Oceanic range, searching to find the best regulators for my varied diving needs. Due to extreme comfort, increased ease of breathing, the great colour, and an awesome look, the FDXi 1st stage coupled with the Zeo 2nd stage is now my new regulator combination of choice.

After diving with the GT4, then the EOS, I find the Zeo the most controlled and comfortable breathing regulators of the range. The diver’s inevitable "dry mouth" feeling is almost non-existent, so no more nasty-buddy-breath post-dive! Then, with a combination of a swivel, M-Flex hose, and orthodontic mouth piece, the reg sits perfectly in my mouth, which means greater comfort both during and after my dive.

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