Mery the Ocean

By Alex Rose

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Our world ocean is facing an unprecedented number of threats ranging from overfishing to climate change to pollution. It was long thought that the sea was "too big to fail", but as evidenced by global fishery collapse and wide scale habitat degradation, that assumption was incorrect. If you don't live on a coast, it might seem like the ocean has little impact on your life, but every breath you take, every drop of water you drink, connects you to the sea. Currently only about 3% of our ocean is protected, compared to around 12% of the land. In order to expand the protection afforded to our seas, we must first care about what's there, and we cannot do that unless we know what there is to care about. The future health of the ocean depends on gaining knowledge and spreading education through exploration, and we must find innovation ways to involve and energize the general public about the relatively unknown world beneath the waves. I founded Blue Ring to create a new method of ocean conservation accessible to and inclusive of everyone who wants to better understand and protect our seas. 

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Blue Ring, Inc. is a Benefit Corporation that will allow people to "marry" the ocean for a membership fee of $25 annually in return for a blue ring. The sole reason for the existence of Blue Ring is to support, via many small-scale purchases, the funding of globally significant ocean exploration and conservation projects that will positively shape the future. 

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Instead of using “marry” with the conventional spelling, it will instead be spelled “mery” because of its correlation with the root word “mer” meaning “sea”. Mery™ is a trademarked word that will be closely used and associated with the Blue Ring brand to denote one’s ongoing and committed relationship with the ocean. Participation will cost $25 and this will get you a digital "Meriage Certificate" along with a blue silicone ring to show off your commitment. People under the age of 18 can be "adopted" by the ocean and become "children of the sea". They will receive a silicone pendant instead of a ring. Each year, the money raised will go towards funding a different ocean initiative in its entirety. The first goal is to raise $5 million for two 1000-meter, dual-classed submersibles built by Deep Ocean Exploration and Research. This will require 200,000 people to mery™ the ocean. These submersibles will exist for the sole purpose of ocean exploration with no ulterior motives or financial incentives driving their use. They will be symbols of hope, dedicated to exploring and documenting places never before witnessed -- as well as bringing to the public's attention news and evidence of human impacts.


Blue Ring launched on World Ocean Day (June 8th) of this year, and we will hold our first annual global ocean commitment ceremony on the same date next year where Dr. Sylvia Earle, world-renowned oceanographer and explorer, will officiate the first ever global ocean wedding with everyone wearing blue.

The ocean gives us life. Without it there could be none. "No ocean, no life. No blue, no green." We pledge to respect, understand, and care for the ocean by funding ambitious water projects that safeguard our collective futures and the future of this beautiful blue marble we are lucky enough to call home. We are the voice of the ocean. And it is time for us to be loud. For more information, visit and follow us on Instagram @blueringinc.

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