100 Days of Blue

By Lilly Tougas

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100 Days Of Blue is an annual campaign created by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, author of the Blue Mind. This campaign encourages people all over the world to get near, in, on, or under the water and share their experiences, thoughts, creative stories and artistic abilities related to the water, encouraging others and spreading the Blue Mind message.

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Last year, I participated from day one helping to create the list of 100 words that will be used as the word for each day. These words help exemplify and categorize the emotional benefits of the various experiences that water brings us. The words for 100 Days are in alphabetical order and should be used to stimulate thought about how each word pertains to the blue experience being shared. Some of the words we decided on are admiration, balance, calm, and dignity. 

Living near the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, I have reaped the benefits of a blue mind my whole life. The 100 Days of Blue Campaign is an amazing and interactive way to share my experiences as a youth advocate. Whether it's just jumping in the pool to have goofy fun, meditating on the shore, snorkeling, cleaning the beach, or learning what brings others to the water, paying close attention to the many emotional benefits of the water feeds the soul on many levels.

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For 100 Days of Blue last year, I was a part of the first ever meeting of three adopted siblings, and they chose the ocean as the place to have this life-changing moment. The emotional benefits of being near the water were obvious in this potentially tense situation. Waves breaking on the shore were also breaking any uncomfortable feelings, each time creating laughter, fun, and filling up the otherwise awkward spaces. The word for that day: #connection.

Another memorable blue experience was when I was a part of a shark tagging research trip with the Guy Harvey Ocean Research Foundation and NOVA Southeastern. Dr. Derek Burkholder welcomed Katy, fulfilling her wish with the Make a Wish Foundation to be on the water and participate in marine research. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Katy along with her wonderful family and watch them enjoy that moment. The word for that day: #fortitude.

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Having the opportunity to share these experiences on social media on the #100DaysOfBLue Campaign is a great way to show others the vast emotional benefits of water and enjoy what others have to share. 100 Days of Blue is kicking off on Memorial Day, (May 28th) and will run through Labor Day (Sept 4th). I hope you will join us and share your story using the #BlueMind and #100DaysOfBlue hashtags. As Dr. Nichols would say, "I wish you water".


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