Mammalz: an Evolution of Nature Media

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Founded by wildlife filmmakers Rob Whitehair and Alexander Finden, Mammalz is the “Twitch for Nature”; a next-generation community platform for sharing and interacting with all forms of nature media. Whether you are a professional media maker, scientist, educator, artist, writer, or one of over 600 million nature enthusiasts across the planet, Mammalz provides you with the tools to personalize your experience, share your love of nature, and truly make a difference.

Mammalz, PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation founded in May 2018 and headquartered in San Diego, CA. The Mammalz mission is to promote a greater global public understanding of nature and the environment while acting as a bridge between science, media makers, and the public.

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Mammalz, which launched on September 6, 2019, as an iOS beta and web app was developed as a way to bring people who love nature together as a global community onto a single platform to share images, videos, live streams, audio podcasts and 360 video in an effort to further the relationship between humans and the natural world. Since community was the primary goal, Mammalz developed many tools to allow people to engage with each other including commenting on images, creating group Discussions, Chatting with individual users, and even real time Chat during live streams. The app also allows high resolution image uploads up to 2GB and displays them beautifully in any aspect ratio. In the app’s infancy, the level and quality of engagement among Mammalz users with each other has surpassed the company’s expectations and is on its way to outranking any other social media app in existence.

Mammalz 04“What you’ll find on Mammalz are humans, not bots, engaging with the content posted by users,” says Pam Voth, Head of Marketing for Mammalz. “People write in full sentences. They ask intelligent questions and are honestly interested in learning more about the place where a landscape image was shot, how the photographer set up a macro shot of an insect, or where they observed a magnificently colorful bird. The engagement seems polite, respectful, and truly constructive when it comes to comments on photographs being shared on Mammalz.” Voth has been with Mammalz for over a year, starting well before the San Diego-based startup launched its iOS beta and web apps in early September, 2019.

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The Mammalz community is decidedly focused on content about the natural world, but that definition is purposefully broad and includes literally anything that can be considered a way to further the relationship with the natural world. Think safaris to sky-diving, gardening to river rafting, herpetology to archaeology, birding to scuba diving, and everything in between. All accounts are free on Mammalz and eventually, the company will introduce monetization tools which will allow content creators and organizations to earn money to fund their projects through donations and channel subscriptions.

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Anyone around the world can sign up for a Mammalz account at The iOS beta app is currently available through Apple’s TestFlight. Upon official launch, it will be available on the Apple App Store. The company will also be developing an Android app in 2020.

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