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Descent is the winner of the 2020 Documentary Australia Foundation Award for Best Australian Documentary. The film screened at the Sydney Film Festival from June 10-21, and was one of 10 finalists for the DAF Award, which includes prize money of $10,000 and Academy Award eligibility. Director Nays Baghai, an independent filmmaker and underwater cameraman from Sydney, Australia, has created an immersive masterpiece that we encourage everyone to watch.  


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This incredible film explores the unusual life of Kiki Bosch, a professional Dutch ice freediver. She dives into the world’s most freezing waters on a single breath and without a wetsuit, from the iceberg fjords of Greenland to the frozen lakes of Finland. Kiki discovered the healing effect of cold water immersion after experiencing the debilitating trauma of being raped. She has pushed her physical and psychological limits to overcome her scars and break boundaries that most people can barely imagine. She now travels across the world and inspires others to harness the power of the cold for their own healing.




Here’s what viewers are saying about Descent: “It is powerful, insightful, profoundly expansive, yet intimately human. Through the story of freediver Kiki Bosch, Descent explores the delicate balance between the mind and body and one woman's search to find harmony between the two." (Hannah M.)


“With mesmerising footage and poetic storytelling, Descent revealed an underwater world in a way I couldn't have expected. It tells the story of a young woman's epic freediving achievements in the iciest of environments, but more than that, Descent is a fascinating story of healing, resilience and what makes a person push their body to its absolute limits. The story of Kiki Bosch will touch you and have you sitting on the edge of your seat, and it will leave you wondering what you too might be capable of.” (Greta T.)




“I found Descent to be a rare combination of visual beauty, an unusual backdrop of gorgeous locations, but mostly an engrossing story of both an incredible endeavour and a poignant individual’s story. Nays Baghai treats the topic extremely sensitively and brings it to life with no melodrama, but with beauty and simplicity. Very moving, and a pretty extraordinary directorial debut!” (Patrick F.)

The filmmakers of Descent currently have plans to expand the project into a live action documentary series. The focus of the series will be on other underwater specialists operating in dangerous environments, and why they do what they do. The series will chronicle a dozen real-life individuals from around the world, including competitive freedivers, technical divers, shark divers and underwater photographers.


The film is currently set as a private link on Vimeo. However, Australian viewers will be able to stream it as part of the 2020 Sydney Film Festival. Find out more here:



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