Ocean Education

By Leigh Cobb


My love for sharks grows ever deeper with every dive. I share my passion for and knowledge of them through photography and by visiting schools and educating children about these amazing animals, and hopefully inspiring our next generation to be ocean literate citizens. Passionately sharing stories and images generally prompts people to think differently and ask poignant questions, and with education, we have the opportunity to alter the way the masses see and understand the ocean and the many creatures that live there.

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I have no fear, but total respect for the fins I come into contact with. Behaviour differs with each species and destination, and learning about these nuances and teaching others about them excites me daily.


I started visiting schools about 18 months ago when a teacher friend asked me to share some of my stories. I quickly realized that kids really love exciting topics, and that this could be an opportunity to do my bit for their future. Visiting primary schools has now become a priority for me. Seeing the inquisitive faces of the kids and their hands excitedly shooting up in the air with questions is so rewarding. Their eyes open wide and they gasp when I show them pictures and videos of the sharks I’ve seen. So many of them have a light bulb moment when I make the connection between human actions and ocean health and ask for their help by “talking to mommy about shopping with plastic bags.” After spending time talking with these kids, I see their desire to help preserve our oceans and stop the pollution we cause as humans. Many had seen sharks as dangerous before I showed them the reality, but once they were introduced to a different side they wanted to know more and more. When they realize it’s me in the videos they're watching, and I'm still alive, it opens up their curious minds to the truth and encourages them to learn more and ask questions, and that for me is priceless.


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