Success with Capturing Critters

By Sarah Wormald

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It has been a phenomenal week in Lembeh, North Sulawesi, at the annual Capturing Critters in Lembeh Underwater Photography and Videography Workshop hosted by Lembeh Resort. The event is now in its 6th year and keeps getting better.

This years prestigious Workshop featured Photo Pros Alex Tattersall, Martin Edge and Ethan Daniels along side Lembeh Resort’s own in-house Photo Pros. This heavy-weight team of shooters hosted a week of workshop presentations, one-on-one guidance meetings with participants, group critique and feedback sessions and of course, epic dives at the most iconic dive sites in the Lembeh Strait.

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Capturing Critters is a weeklong workshop with a three-day optional advanced add on, and unlike other Pro workshops, participants spend time with at least three different Pros for a broader perspective on how to improve their underwater imagery and footage.

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The images that have been produced over the last 10 days have been amazing and are a testament to the power of the Capturing Critters Workshop, the Dive Guides at Lembeh Resort, and the incredible marine life of the Lembeh Strait.

The workshop participants have dived some of Lembeh’s most famous dive sites and Lembeh Resort’s amazing Dive Guides have spotted Lembeh’s most iconic critters including:  blue ring, coconut, long arm, starry night, wonderpus and mimic octopuses; giant, painted, hairy and warty frogfishes; pygmy, flamboyant and broadclub cuttlefish; estuarine, thorny and pygmy seahorses; peacock, golden and pink eared mantis shrimps; bobtail squid; stargazers; whip coral, harlequin and a plethora of other shrimps and crustaceans - and the list of nudibranch species just goes on and on!

Participants have been treated to three Pro presentations a day and highlights have been Martin Edge’s “Camera Settings for the Sea”, Ethan Daniels’ “Tips and Truths about Underwater Photography” and Alex Tattersall’s “Making Masterpieces”. Alex is also the founder of Nauticam UK and came to Lembeh Resort armed with a rather large box of treats for participants to try out during the week!

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Alex Tattersall, who carries out workshops around the world, has had an epic week and is already thinking about when he can return to Lembeh Resort. “Lembeh has, as always, exceeded expectations with its diversity of outstanding marine life. The Dive Guides and staff at Lembeh Resort have been equally impressive in their willingness to ensure an outstanding experience for all involved. I cannot emphasize enough what a wonderfully diverse and fascinating place the Lembeh Strait is. Each visit I've made to this unique place has thrown up a myriad of surprises underwater - photographically it is incomparable. I'm already thinking about my next trip to Lembeh Resort". (Alex Tattersall)

Ethan Daniels rounded up the workshop week by commenting, “It's always great to meet and get to know people who are as passionate about exploring the underwater world as I am. The Capturing Critters in Lembeh workshop brings people together from all over the world who are like-minded, inquisitive, adventurous, and appreciative of the natural settings we find underwater in Lembeh. It is also fun for me to assist with and watch people trying new imaging and processing techniques and see their improvements in lighting and composition over the course of just a few dives. Lembeh Resort is set up perfectly for photographers as well as divers who just want to enjoy the unique variety of critters found in Lembeh Strait. The dive sites are literally just minutes away from the fantastic food, staff, and atmosphere found only at Lembeh Resort”. (Ethan Daniels)

Martin Edge has been teaching underwater photography for 30 years and is still as passionate as ever about taking underwater images and sharing his techniques and knowledge with others. “Lembeh Resort has been designed around underwater photographers and has some of the best dive guides in North Sulawesi, many of which are underwater photographers themselves. The fully equipped modern camera room can accommodate everyone and at Lembeh Resort the diving, dining and organization are second to none”. (Martin Edge)

We are extremely excited to see the images produced in next year’s workshop. If you are planning your 2018 trip to Lembeh, the Capturing Critters Workshops are extremely popular and places sell out far in advance. If you’d like to book a place for 2018 (5th – 12th December), featuring photo and video Pros Brandi Mueller, Brent Durand and Tobias Friedrich, contact Lembeh Resort: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

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